Australian Made Engine Guard
Australian Made Engine Guard

Australian Made Engine Guard

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Engines overheat and fixing the damage can cost serious money.  In most cases no warranty or insurance applies.  You pay the repair bill & do without your car until it’s fixed.

That’s why you need an ENGINE GUARD.

  • LOUD audible warning – keep your eyes on the road & drive more safely
  • Get warned BEFORE damage occurs- super fast response compared to factory gauges
  • Works if you’ve LOST coolant- shows cylinder head temp. Most factory gauges don’t work without coolant
  • Digital display in degrees- provides feedback to MANAGE engine temperature


  • 1 x Digital Display Unit
  • 1 x Bolt-on Temperature Sensor with 5m cable
  • Wiring loom, water resistant connectors
  • Owners manual.
  • $250 supplied, installed and configured