Rapid Performance Module/Chips

Rapid performance modules are electronic controllers for turbo diesel & turbo petrol vehicles. Rapid employs state of the art digital technology to obtain an increase in power and torque of up to 18-25%. Rapid diesel chips will not only improve performance but will optimise your fuel consumption. Aftermarket modules and programmers allow the engine to unlock more power.Rapid modules are suitable for diesel passenger cars, 4WD's, trucks, tractors and marine applications.

Tony Martin has undergone extensive training in the Dimsport factory in Italy. With more than 16 years experience, his expertise and knowledge of all things Rapid Performance is second to none here in Australia.  Tony spent many weeks in Italy refining his knowledge and learning tips and tricks direct from the manufacturer of Rapid Performance Modules.  We can professionally fit your vehicle with the right module to get the best out of your beast.

After fitting your Rapid Performance module they will then Dyno tune your vehicle to ensure that it is running at its peak to give you more power and efficiency from your vehicle.

Other ways to improve the performance of a diesel engine includes adding a high flow turbos & exhaust system, upgrading fuel injectors and upgrading air intake systems. Each of these changes alone improves diesel engine performance.

Aftermarket exhaust systems all cause the engine to expel exhaust gases more efficiently and faster than with the factory system. Diesel engine ECU's, especially in diesel trucks, are set to keep engines below maximum power output to meet fuel efficiency and emissions standards.

Your Rapid module can come pre programmed with fitting instructions allowing DIY installation if you have some mechanical knowledge. Alternatively, call us to discuss a professional installation of your Rapid module and exhaust upgrade kit.